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Maybe you’re asking yourself if you really need siding and if it’s more decoration than a functional feature of your home. It’s actually more than just a colorful way to express your aesthetic on the outside of your home. In fact, it is a barrier of protection for your home, particularly when you live in a climate and location that experiences all four seasons.

Siding Alexandria VA offers clients more than just character for their home. If you’re seeking safety from the cruelties of weather like wind, rain, and moisture, snow and other issues, siding is a critical feature you need.


Reduce the Risk of Mold

When you have poorly functioning siding  moisture from rain, snow and ice are at high risk of creating issues of mold and water damage via your roof and windows and eventually even to areas such as your foundation. When poor siding is a reality in these situations these are weak points for moisture and water to enter without impunity.

You will be faced with complicated repairs that often exceed the costs of early detection and prevention if you had called siding Alexandria VA to conduct an inspection to reduce the risk of mold in your home.


Reduce Utility Costs

During East Cost winter months, winter can be harsh with high winds, snow and cold fronts that can last for week. You’ll want to stay warm and comfortable indoors with drafty cold wind penetrating into your home. But if your siding is deteriorating and in need of repairs, you’ll likely have to endure cold winter months and a steep bill for your utilities to compensate for the windy cold air penetrating into areas where siding is vulnerable.

The reality is siding is a layer of protection that is critical if you are to maintain affordable heating costs in your home. There are a wealth of material options that our siding specialist can provide that include wood siding, aluminum siding, fiber cement siding, cedar siding, and vinyl siding.


Easy Maintenance

Most of us have enough to do in life between our busy work schedules and family obligations that make our leisure time fleeting. Home improvement projects and house cleaning are tedious enough without adding high maintenance decisions for features of your home. House siding made from materials like vinyl are easily maintained with a simple powers spray house to keep your siding looking fresh and clean as the day it was first installed.

Many other facings like brick and cement have their own advantages but neither have the easy maintenance of siding and it is less costly do keep clean.


Why Hire Us

Alexandria Siding VA has decades of experience providing expertise to homeowners for making decisions about choosing siding. There are a wealth of colors and styles to select and when you are thinking of options, we can highly recommend housing siding installation as an affordable easy maintenance choice to update and upgrade your home.

Simply give us a call today and we will arrive at your home by appointment for a free inspection and estimate.


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